A letter to Kabul and the Muslim Ummah

On the behalf of The GDP and of all religions and peoples throughout the world, we share deep regret at the unintentional burning of the Holy Qur’An. We recognize that the intentional burning of any book of religion is ill-advised and inconsiderate and such activity portends enormous anxiety and distress for adherents of the religions. When the distress and anxiety is manifested in violent retaliations, it could lead to intractable and near-permanent agony. We understand also that when unintentional aversion comes on the heels of other intentional but insignificant provocation, there is always a likelihood for augmented passions.

Even as it is blasphemous to intentionally destroy books of religion, all religions, including Islam afford opportunity for forgiveness and forbearance. That is the salvage value for religion. Further, NATO’s activities in Afghanistan at this time are trained toward bringing Afghanistan back whole again, after decades and even centuries of debilitating warfare and internecine conflict. The purpose of Islam and religion in general is to maintain this wholesomeness once accrued and to guide in propriety and consideration. We encourage you weigh the value of NATO’s activities and of Islam as against unintentional, if incendiary mistakes. NATO has expressed remorse and foreboding at this mistake and I encourage you, in the name of Allah, to bear on the merciful teachings of Islam.

Democracy takes into account the salvage value of religion, diversity of opinion, and the diverse expression of fundamental human rights. It is a lifestyle that promises the greatest opportunity for harmonious life and the prospect of future convergences among the human family on earth. NATO is comprised of folk of all religions and persuasions and that cannot obviate this and future mistakes given its comprehensive value and scope.

The demonstrations against the unintentional burning of the Qur’Anul kareem have caused death, destruction, and the possibility of coarsened ambiance. It is the religions of the holy books that we must look to for forgiveness and regeneration.

Thank you for listening and for your consideration.


For The GDP Team.

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